Northside Storyville

Episode 11 // Artist Roundtable

About Storyville

What do you believe about North Minneapolis?

How do you view its residents, businesses and youth?

Where did your opinion of North Minneapolis derive?

Perpetually portrayed in the media as a place of turmoil and chaos, plagued by crime, violence and neglect, North Minneapolis has been trapped by a consistently negative narrative that has shaped the perceptions of many who view the Northside as a blight of the Twin Cities. In truth, North Minneapolis is a vibrant community and a vital part of our region whose assets, although often ignored or minimized, play an important part of the long-term prosperity of the Twin Cities.

While significant disinvestment in the Northside have contributed to many well documented challenges including high unemployment, racial achievement gaps, and insufficient housing and transportation options, there continues to be stories of resilience, innovation and progress. 

Northside Storyville aims to capture those stories through a yearlong episodic documentary film and story data archive project that acknowledges and amplifies North Minneapolis as a cultural, economic and political asset to our region. Told through the voices of Northside entrepreneurs, civic leaders, residents and youth, we hope to challenge and change the narrative we have all been told about the Northside by exposing all aspects of the people, places and spaces that make North Minneapolis. 

About Northside Funders Group

Northside Funders Group (NFG) is a place-based, collective impact collaborative of public, private, family and corporate foundations and public sector partners aligning investments and strategies to achieve racial equity and economic opportunity in North Minneapolis. Our goal is to remove barriers and make ourselves more accessible and accountable to each other and the Northside community by changing the way philanthropy works. Northside Storyville is a project of NFG.